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Based in Valparaiso, Indiana, Valpo Trax is a music recording and production project studio specializing in keyboard tracking, songwriting, and post recording production (mixing, mastering, editing). Ideal for musical recording projects that need keyboard parts, singer/songwriter projects, commercial jingle production, church choirs/praise bands and small band demos, Valpo Trax is flexible, convenient and dedicated to producing a quality product that you will be proud of.

Mike Wilder

Mike Wilder

About Mike Wilder

Mike Wilder, owner/keyboardist/engineer/producer, has many years of experience performing keyboards in various bands and studio projects. Launched in May 2011, Valpo Trax is Mike's continuing involvement in the musical process of recording and producing quality music. From jazz, latin, rock, R&B, pop, country and Christian music, Mike has gained exposure over the years to many musical styles and can apply his wealth of knowledge to your musical project.

Valpo Trax

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About Valpo Trax

Valpo Trax began in May 2010, when Mike Wilder decided to start transitioning from playing keyboards in bands to recording keyboard tracks. What began as a humble recording studio in the living room is now a dedicated home studio that can track and produce different musical and audio projects.

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