Valpo Trax Audio Samples Page

Chrissy Schulte - Pop Vocal/Original Music

These three songs were cowritten by myself and the talented Chrissy Schulte who did the singing and vocal arrangements. They were recorded, mixed and mastered in June 2013 here at Valpo Trax. Songs featured Myself (Mike Wilder) on keyboards, Chrissy Schulte on vocals, Robert Casteneda on drums, Leo Lopez on bass, Marco Villareal on guitar and Kiki Ventura on congas and electronic percussion. All three songs are copyrighted by Chrissy Schulte and Mike Wilder.

Sarah Ortiz - Pop vocal/Demo

This demo song was performed by Sarah Ortiz singing over a prerecorded kareoke track of "You Were Meant For Me". We recorded, mixed and mastered this song in under three hours. It featured some of my newest recording gear as well.

Cimcor - Electronic Music/Jingle

This jingle was conceived, written, recorded, mixed and mastered to a final product in 10 hours. It was cowritten and coproduced by Mike Finney of Mystic WatersMedia ( It was written and produced for Cimcor Incorporated ( The jingle featured contemporary drum loops and electronic music styles and included some vocal effects as well.

Jimmy's Jazz All Starz - Small Jazz Group/Live Jazz Gig

A live recording of a jazz brunch gig featuring myself on keyboard and my long time best friends, Jim Hoogeveen (drums) and Jack Anderko (guitar). Special guest appearance by Eugene Vineyard on saxophone. Josh Hancher performed the bass guitar.

Our Lady Of Grace Church Choir - Live Church Choir/Christmas Mass

These were a selection of songs recorded live in 2011 at the Christmas Eve mass at Our Lady Of Grace Church in Highland, IN. I also performed the keyboard parts.

His Eye Is On The Sparrow - Background Track/Instrumental

This song was produced entirely in my studio using my keyboard gear and ProTools. My cousin Brian used this song for his choir he directed. He needed an instrumental accompianment for this gospel song so his choir could sing with it for their concert.