Valpo Trax Guarantee Page

I want you to be happy with my work!

I am a musician, first and foremost. I have worked in studios and recorded myself numerous times. I understand what the recording means to you artistically and financially. I also understand how demanding and stressful it is when the big red recording light turns on and suddenly every little detail matters. I also know how dissappointing it is when your "dream" recording didn't turn out like you wanted. My goal is to make the recording process as low stress and enjoyable as possible. I want you to be happy and enthusiastic with the session and the end results. Your success ensures my success.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

I am completely committed to making you sound your best on a budget. While I cannot warrant your performance or any additional work that you may want or need outside of the orignal agreed upon job specification, I guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of the recording. If you are not, you have the option of reworking the project at my expense or not keeping the recording and not paying for the service. In other words, if it's my fault the recording doesn't sound good at a professional level, I will fix it for free or you don't pay for the service. It's that simple. I will stand by my work.

Mike Wilder