Valpo Trax Tech Specs Page

What Valpo Trax can do

Valpo Trax is not set up like a traditional tracking studio. Primarily my service functions as a "studio that does house calls". At the Valpo Trax studio, I perform keyboard tracking and overdubs, mixing, mastering, and minor vocal/instrumental tracking. Small rhythm sections or horn sections can be recorded here as well. Large band tracking is performed at your location or a designated venue. I can support small and moderate sized musical groups, recording up to 16 concurrent channels at a time. I work with ProTools 10 so I can interface with most other studios.

Software I use at Valpo Trax

Recording specifications supported

At this time I support the following maximum conversion resolution and track counts. I have plans to increase these specifications in the future.

File sizes supported

Because most of my work done will be remote (off site at Valpo Trax) and projects and finished product(s) will be transferred via the Internet, there are some practical limitation on file sizes I can support at this time. If your project files are going over 2 Gigabytes in size, please contact me. I may need to make arrangments with the hosting compnay and Internet provider before hand or find another method of obtaining the project files.