Valpo Trax Bookings Page

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When can I work on your project?

Mike Wilder/Valpo Trax can be booked on most weekday evenings and occasionally on weekends, schedule permitting. Please contact me and I'll be glad to discuss your project and my availability with you.

How do I schedule your project?

Because of the temporal nature of my schedule, please contact me about your project and we can discuss the earliest possible time I can be of service. I take jobs on a first-come, first-served basis and I will commit my scheduled time to your project.

How do get your project to me?

If you have prerecorded work (ProTools, Digital Performer projects, audio or MIDI files), I can accept them fastest through a dedicated FTP account that I will establish for each client on the web hosting service. This dedicated FTP account will be used for transfering project and audio files. This is the fastest and most convenient method. If you prefer and time isn't critical, you can send me a copy of your project (NEVER send orignals) via UPS, FedEx or USPS.

What project files (software) do I support?

I work with ProTools, Digital Perfomer and Wavelab. See the link for tech specs for more detailed specifics. Please contact me with any specific questions you may have.

How do I accept payment?

At this time, I accept cash only. Future plans include opening up a merchant services account to accept credit card payments.

How much do I charge?

Please see the pricing page for current pricing or contact me for a price quote. For mobile recording, I charge a flat fee for travel and setup. For all other work, I charge by the hour. I keep my rates competitive and reasonable.